IceTronix customer Janusz contacted us with his stunning 2017 BMW 520d G30 model. His car was full Msport spec and looked fantastic but he was really disappointed with the sound system in it especially for such an expensive luxury car.

Janusz's car has the most basic speakers and subwoofer fitted ( Base system ) of all the BMW options and does'nt even have front tweeters. We discussed many options with Janusz and in the end we agreed on a comprehensive sound system upgrade including:

• Audison Prima Front Components 

• Audison Prima Rear co-axial speakers

• Audison Prima Rear speaker adapter seats

• Audison Prima 8" Subwoofers Pair ( underseat ) 

• Audison Prima 8 Channel amplifier

• Audison Prima G30 No-Cut harness

• Audison Prima G30 ISO In/Out Harness

• Audison Prima G30 Output leads

We did a very careful / Clean installation including using the latest Audison speakers which are exact replacement sizes and even have the BMW connections on them. The Audison subwoofers are also direct fit and again terminated with BMW connections so they simply plug in. But the most integrated part of the install was the range of Audison input and Output Harnesses we used to allow us to fit the Audison 8 channel amp without cutting or modifying again of the cars existing wiring. This is a huge PLUS for our customers as all wiring is left original and if required ( say upon car sale for example ) the full Audison system can be removed and the car's original speakers and subwoofers refitted and the car returned to its original condition without cutting wiring!

The installation took us nearly 10 hours but was completed carefully and to a very high standard. None of the panel trims were marked or none of the fragile trims clips were damaged or broken. Clean neat installation takes time but the results are stunning.

When the installation was finished we calibrated and set up the system using the latest Audison installer software. The system now has real power and presence and the mix of the upgraded speakers / subwoofers and the added power of the Audison amp really works!

None of the Audison system is visual anywhere in the cabin and the only sign that anything has been upgraded is the hugely improved Acoustic performance and the 8 channel amp mounted high on the boot side panel.