Project Cars
Project: BMW G30 Audio
Comprehensive sound system upgrade using Audison products- completely hidden and discreet

Project: Audi A5 3.0 V6 Quattro
3.0 Diesel Quattro with engine tune, Rieger kit, custom exhaust and running close to 300bhp. This is the craziest diesel you will ever see.

Project: E220 W207 Mercedes
Complete makeover on this high class Mercedes convertible. Now it stands much more aggressive.

Project: Audi A5 Rieger
A stunning Audi A5 wit
h the full Rieger RS5 treatment and 20" rims 

Project: BMW X5 Ibis White Respray
2008 BMW X5 Schmiedmann in for a full respray and wheel refurb in Audi Ibis White 

Project: BMW E60 5-Series
E60 5-series with a fill respray in Audi Ibis White and wheel refurb in platinum silver. Along with some very nice little carbon touches
Project: Civic VIRS Supercharged
A high powered supercharged K20 running huge power with an overall approach to modification. Exterior, interior, engine etc, everythings been carefully selected!

Project: Honda S2000
This beautiful S2000 was suffering from some gearbox problems and required some major gearbox work to remedy. We also completed a full service and wheel reconditioning

Project: RB25 S14/15
This project car was a very special build with some special components carefully picked to create this fantastic everyday drift cruiser. High power, style comfort and some RB25!

Project: Mugen Euro-R
This is THE car which set the trend for Accords in Ireland. Mugen kitted and white DC6 cars where everywhere after we built this car.
A stunning combination of looks, power, style and everyday convenience, these cars are hard to dismiss as one of the best all rounders available.

Project: FN 1.4 Vtec
Image isn't everything with this gorgeous 1.4 Vtec FN Civic. Its hard to make this shape Civic look good, but we did it!

Project: EVO 7
Still one of the best looking cars around, pure aggression from this EVO 9 fronted Evo 7, with some Carbon Culture styling to finish off the no bullshit in your face looks.

Project: Icetronix Transit
Because its no good driving around a big blank canvas when there's advertising to be done.

Project: Civic ITR
This is the most confused car we have every built! Take the best elements from 3 of Honda's best 90's cars and stick them together. 
2.2 Vtec engine with a 4.7 final drive, a civic shell and an Integra front end.

Project: Civic EF Testbed
This EF was a test bed car  for many of our products. It helped us with the Dual Carb to Vtec conversions, S2000 Cluster swaps and the feasibility 
of creating EF lip kits.

Project: Civic EG-H22
Because 220 bhp in a Civic isnt enough, a tank of nitrous stuck to it should satisfy the tirst for power.

Project: Modified Motors Winner
The winner of our Modified Motors/The Sun competition. A huge project with not an area untouched.
Project: Monster Energy Sound System
Monster Energy approached us to fit out their Chevrolet Silverado Monster Truck with some seriously powerful sounds!

Project: R33 GTS Skyline
Taking the R33 to a different level. This car had huge amounts of work from interior, to exterior and sound systems.

Project: Integra Showcase
Possibly our first big all round project. This car had everything for its day. Performance, looks, sound system, drivetrain. Things have come a long way in a few years but this is still a cool car.

Project: OldSkool EK
A huge blast from the past!

Project: 205 GenesIs
The car that started it all for Icetronix!

Skoda Audio Install
Customer Robbies audio upgrade to his Skoda Superb
Project: NSX 3.0 V2
Taking our 3.0 NSX to the next level with a full Type-R replica makeover. Showing the very best of what Icetronix has to offer.

Project: NSX 3.0 V2
Taking our 3.0 NSX to the next level with a full Type-R replica makeover. Showing the very best of what Icetronix has to offer.

Project: NSX 3.2 Widebody
NA1 Honda NSX fitted with a NA2 3.2 litre engine, 6 speed manual gearbox and NSX-R final drive. Along with a custom handmade widearch body extension  

Project: Mugen FD2 SI Dominator Rep
This is an incredibly rare 2.0 DOHC K20 engined FD2 'SI'. Complete with our replica Mugen Dominator plastic bodykit, full respray and Tenzo-R wheels. 

Project: K24 Jazz 300bhp
Re-shaping the mundane in the the outrageous. Take one small shopping trolley and one 2.4 litre high revving, high horsepower frankenstein engine,
 add a pinch of custom bodywork and you get this amazing car

Project: 300bhp K20
A car which very much put the Icetronix name on the international scene in a big way.  300bhp and refined looks back when lexus lights and snow plow bonnets where cool. 

Project: CIvic EP (Various)
Various EP Civic customer cars and sales cars

Project: Prelude Time Attack V2
Project Prelude gets taken to a whole new level

Project: Prelude Time Attack V1
Our first all out performance project. This prelude was a demon in its heyday and would still give most cars a run for their money