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Audi A5 RS5 Style Refresh

Audi A5 RS5 style refresh:
IceTronix customer Joe came to us with his mint clean Audi A5 looking for some guidance. He had already sourced wheels and grilles etc but was'nt happy with the cars overall unfinished look. We took charge of the car and supplied a RS5 Plastic bodykit + spoiler and when painting it immediately sought to get rid of all the matt black which was clashing with the gorgeous Aruba blue paintwork. We painted Joe's wheels, Grilles and badges all in Gloss piano black and we also did the rear diffuser in the same colour. The results are simply stunning :D :D :D
Other key points were the ExhaustWorx rear section with twin inward rolled slash cut tips either side. And the lovely Sline front and rear LED lights that Joe sourced and fitted as part of the job..

Before the RS5 style refresh:
Joe's Audi A5 had potential when it came to us but was to fussy and the matt black wheels / grilles etc were killing it 

Exhaust work carried out by our sister company

Stunning from the front with the full RS5 front. We also painted Joe's RS5 front grille gloss piano black to match the wheels and rear diffuser

Joe already had the lovely 19" ISPIRI wheels but these were in matt black and this really deadened the car against the Aruba blue paintwork. We repainted these ISPIRI wheels in Gloss Piano black and lthey look simply stunning now

The rear looks nearly as good as the front. We made up an ExhaustWorx duplex rear section for an RS5 look and we painted the rear diffuser and rear Audi logo in Piano gloss black.. The rear spoiler also looks lovely along with the 2014 model LED rear lamps that Joe got fitted 

The combination of Aruba blue paintwork and Piano black detailing is simply stunning. The kit finished painted and ready to fit