This is a fantastic FN shape project car built for one of the members of the Icetronix family. 
Starting out as a standard, subtle modifications have transformed the car completely. 
This is fitted with the 1.4 IVTEC engine, which has a fantastic blend of reliability, adequate power and economical efficieny. 
For a 1.4 the car really pulls through the gears well. Exterior: Type-R front lip from FN2 Type-R grill from FN2 JDM Accessories Front red Honda badge Foglights Ultra cosmetics bulbs all round 17" DC5 wheels, reconditioned in house and resprayed in silver 15mm hubcentric spacers give the wheels a better offset improving the stance of the car Eibach Pro lowering springs drop the car just enough to keep the exceptional ride quality and improve handling.

Finally the car was fitted with a duplex exhaust system, found on the more aggressive Type-R model.