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IceTronix has been at the forefront of Honda engine conversions since its inception. We have been carrying out Honda engine conversions with great success and have now converted over 500 Honda cars in Dublin Ireland. We are still continually developing and upgrading the conversion methodology and have an ever-growing list of new products available. IceTronix is the market leader in Honda engine conversions in Dublin Ireland.
We no longer offer engine conversions on road going car but still offer them for motorsport / showcar use.

Specialists in DOHC VTEC Swaps:  B16A • B16B • B18 • B18C • K20A • K24
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Our Honda engine conversions are available as a turn key (push button) install.
We offer free estimates and friendly professional advise so please do not hesitate to contact us or 
come visit our Honda engine conversion showroom in Rathcoole, Dublin, Ireland.
We have built engines / cars which would regularly be used for Autograss , Rally , Hillclimb , Trackdays , Saloon car racing , Drag Racing.

Full Conversions:
From start to finish, we can cater for a complete engine conversion, this is our speciality! Its a simple as spec-ing your engine and dropping the car to us, a quick and easy drive in, drive out service with a factory finish!

We supply, fit, rebuild or fresh build engines for all sectors of the
automotive market. We can spec rebuilds for track, race or rally!

Engine Builds/Rebuilds:

We can spec a full engine rebuild for any application. We can also cater for ground up engine builds, a very popular choice for those looking for big power drag or track cars. We offer a comprehensive service from start to finish. We can also arrange mapping for most Honda engine builds. 

We offer tuning on lots of other cars but we don’t go as in depth as with the Honda models.
 We can offer airfilter upgrades for most petrol and diesel model cars , some can be fitted with universal airfilters and some would need specific airfilter kits. We are agents for RAMAIR which offer both universal and car specific upgraded airfilters. This helps to increase the volume of air which the engine can intake at one time.
Toyota Levin with K20 Honda 2.0 Conversion
The car after the mapping session in westward precision engineering produced 239bhp and 214nm of torque.The torque from the high compression engine develops very early in the rev range and increases throughout.
This is what the customer was looking for as it is a full time road car and he wanted torque early rather than an all out bhp figure.

Honda Jazz with K20 Engine Conversion
We built this K20 engined Jazz several years ago for trackdays, it was at various stages of tune over the years, originally we fitted a fully built K24 engine, but was brought back to a literately standard K20 engine
Honda CRX Del Sol K20 Swap
This car started out as a Honda CRX Delsol facelift SIR AUTO with just 84,000kms on clocks. We carried out a full K20 engine swap with LSD gearbox .We also carried out a full repaint, flush and paint engine bay and boot area repaint. A truly stand out car

K24 Road and Drag Build
This customers project consisted of:
•Hayward Throttle Bodies
•DragKartel cams
•Skunk2 Exhaust manifold
•Custom exhaust
•Custom radiators
•Gold wire tucked and flushed engine bay
•Hondata Kpro
•13" M+H drag slicks
In 2013 it achieved a 12.4 second quarter mile, making it the fastest FWD N/A car built in Ireland in 2014. It ran 218bhp and 217 ft/lbs. We really felt this car has more potential but the customer ended up moving on to other projects and the car was sold into Europe.

K24 Supercharged Drag Build- 500bhp+
This thing is an absolute monster that we built for a customer! Civic EG K24 Supercharged drag car. Joe Power at TDR Performance has mapped this to over 500bhp (customer requested to keep the exact figure under wraps!) 
Here is a rough spec of the engine / car –
•Honda K24 engine built and spec’d by Icetronix
•Exhaust Worx hood exit exhaust manifold
•Custom ICEBOX intercooler setup filled with dryice
•Rotrex supercharger
•Ethanol fuel mix
•2200cc injectors
•Bosch 044 fuel pump
•Custom braided fuel lines
•3” intercooler piping with SPI silicone joiners
•Hondata kpro ecu
•Mapped by Joe @ TDR performance 5xx bhp
Check out a dyno run of this car here: CLICK HERE

Some of our rebuilt K and B series engines.

A lovely example of how clean and factory finish our conversions can be.

An example of a K20 swap into a 99' Integra Type-R. Clean, OEM finish
that could have rolled straight out of the factory.

Looking for something a bit more wild? Engine tucking and smoothing
can also be catered for! This K24 engined EK on throttle bodies is at the
upper spectrum of engine conversions!

Another EK, this time bit a more subtle N/A K20 build, but in a drastically 
different style!