B-Series Tuning
At icetronix we cater for the mild to wild tuning for the B-series .
Milder modifications such as a short ram airfilter kit, exhaust manifold, decat or exhaust systems are the more common starter mods. These can normally be fitted on the spot and dont require a booking. These will increase the cars performance and improve your exhaust note.
One of our milder Tuning options, manifold, induction kit and decat.
Nice and clean

A customer who is looking for more performance or is involved in the legal drag racing scene can opt for something a little more aggressive , these modifications would include:

A full high compression engine rebuild -
This is very popular for the b18c engines as it has two key advantages:

1. the engine is basically like brand new, with no wear and tear in the cylinders and pistons. It wont drink oil or puff out extreme amounts of smoke anymore.
2. due to the increase in the compression ratio and slightly bigger piston size the bhp and torque figures increase beyond that of the original honda power outputs.

Some of the engines we have on offer in store. And an example of a high compression piston.

Camshaft upgrade kits-
This is a key ingredient in increasing the power output of your engine , the standard cam can only flow 
a certain amount of air which limits the cars performance.Depending on the cam pack the customer pick they can expect to achieve 10 -15 bhp gains.
ttached is dyno plot of a B16b Civic Type-R with skunk2 camshafts fitted.

* * the more aggressive cam packes will require for a ecu remap to be done on the car * *

EK9 Dyno
ECU remappping-
This is the upgrade you do after your finished with all the performance engine modifications i.e cams , airfilter etc..

This upgrade is used to now optimise the extra air and fuel which has been added with the performance modifiactions.
Our range of ecu also offer some added advantages  -

1. speed limiter remover (japanesse cars have 180kms speed limiter fitted)

2. launch control ( this is set that when your speed is below 6mph the car has a lower rev limit of 4000)

3. shift light ( the engine check light will flash 200rpms before the rev limiter to notify you to change gear)

4. the vtec point is set at the lowest possible point .

Here is a customers car being mapped on one of our ECU Packages.
Supercharged or turbo engine builds-
For the more serious builder we can offer Supercharged and Turbo builds. We have built a B18c turbo demo car previously making 380bhp , these builds are more suited to drag racing or fast road use as they tend to run a little hotter than normal so they would 
not suit an out and out race car. We have experience with turbo and supercharged B18 and B16 models.

B18 Turbo

Individual Throttle Bodies-
We have also done some work with the B-series engines and individual throttle bodies.
They give massive gains all through the rev range and have a very impressive dyno chart when they are mapped correctly.Throttle bodies will require an upgrade ecu and mapping they are not just a bolt on and go item

Please see the difference between the two attached dyno charts , the lower bhp chart is from one of our high compression b18c builds with skunk2 camshafts and mapping.

The higher bhp chart is for the same build but with the individual throttle bodies fitted .