K-Series Tuning
At icetronix we cater for the mild to wild tuning for the K-Series engine.
The K-Series is an amazing engine, the performance gains which can be achieved by mild modifications is great and cost effective.For the mild tuner a good airfilter kit (we recommend the Hybrid V2) and decat pipe. Depending on the model of your K20 engine this can increase the bhp by up to 15bhp. These modifications also keep the car noise level to a minimum. We also cater for the customer who like more of an exhaust note from there k20 engine. If you change the exhaust system to our recommended size and a race manifold we recommend you can see gains of upto 25bhp and a good gain in torque.
e are a main Hondata dealer and offer the KPRO ecu which is the best ecu on the market for the k-series engine.
The ecu can control many things in the ecu including --

-boost control
-extra injectors
-vtec control
-fueling and ignition control
-launch control
-part throttle vtec control
 We sell and have sold lots of these ecu's and they are excellent , with the recent price drop from Hondata they have made them much more affordable also.

If you want us to make your K20 engined car very fast you have a few options for you -

We can do a fully built normally aspirated k20 engine which consists of -
-new pistons and rings
-all gaskets and bearings changed
-valves reseated in head

This makes for a great launch pad for a super fast K20. Match this with our recommended choice of camshafts and a good mapping session this will end up with you having an excellent quality engine producing approx 260bhp

Our K20 coupe, the first 300bhp N/A Civic (no super charger or turbo charger) in Ireland many years ago. Click here for more 
One of our more extreme K-Series swaps, complete with throttle bodies. This is more high end than your standard drive in, drive out service.

We have done some supercharged cars both with the Rotrex system and also the Jackson Racing system. Both work very well and give massive power gains. The Jackson Racing system is much easier to fit but it runs a little hotter so it makes a smaller maximum bhp figure than the Rotrex.

* * attached is a dyno chart for a previously mapped accord cl7 euro-r with skunk2 cams fitted , its producing 252bhp* *
* * compare that to the same exact car with the jackson racing supercharger and mapping 294bhp * *
* * the torque increase is the most amazing part * 


The rotrex system uses an intercooler which cools the air before it goes into the intake manifold which in turn increases the bhp.This has a lot more work in fitting as it has to have intercooler piping and joiners etc... fitted.On a standard K20 DC5 engine with a our recommended exhaust system size and race manifold it can produce up to 360bhp.

We can also do frankenstein builds which is building the K24 bottom end with the K20 head. 
This build needs some special parts to make it work well but when you do it the results are amazing. The torque increase is the best part of these conversions.

* * attached is dyno chart for our honda jazz with was a k24 build with camshafts and custom exhaust and exhaust manifold * *

* * all the custom exhaust parts are done inhouse * *

Our Jazz ran a K24 set up before be sold it.