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Micks Workshop Weekly 10-Feb-13

posted Feb 9, 2013, 1:59 PM by icetronix buyer   [ updated Feb 9, 2013, 2:50 PM ]

This week started off with a bang. We put this lovely 1.6 Vtec Sport EP up for sale last Saturday. Edward who was up looking at Civics at a rival shop dropped by to take a look before heading home to Cork. It was all drama for poor Edward as the Focus he was travelling in broke down on the Naas road. Thankfully our Volvo recovery vehicle was on hand to tow the lads back, its good for more than drifting and sticking sofas in apparently! 

Aidan the workshop manager stayed for a while after work to try and get the lads car going but to no avail. So the lads where snookered for a while and had to find alternative travel to get home. But they dropped back up the Monday to collect the broken Focus and take the EP at the same time! Good luck with the car Edward. Keep an eye out for more of these EP sales cars, they are the next big thing for people looking for looks and reliability rather than extreme handling and performance.

This is what we had to use to tow poor Edward back to Icetronix HQ. Unfortunately our actual recovery truck was out collecting a customer car at the time.

Long time customer Justin dropped his Evo 7 up for a respray last week and the lads where flat out prepping during the week. When I showed up today they where getting to the long boring process of piecing it all back together like one big metal jigsaw. He went with Honda Starlight Black, a kick ass colour. I’m not sure if it was Justins choice or if maybe Rob had a little bit of influence on his decision.

 Steven also got stock of these tiny diecast genuine Honda models, savage little things with unreal detail! Not the cheapest in the world at €30 a pop, but they are genuine Honda so what can you do! NSX's, EF Civics, CRX's available. 

Then the big project was rolled out of the workshop. The Supercharged Euro-R Accord is finally finished. It was one hell of a project. It began with a change of pigment, going from Honda Frost White to the revered Honda Championship White. Then the madness began with the bolting on of a Jackson Racing Supercharger. Running a safe low boosted set up, the cars making a fun filled  294.7bhp Flywheel BHP and an amazing 191.8 ftlb of torque. And that’s on LOW boost. It was also done on Coutures Dyno, so hopefully the internet wont be bitching too much. The car also got one of our Brembo brake conversion, so at least it can stop as quickly as it goes. Steven actually had a Supercharged Accord about 4 years ago, it was an absolute blast to drive, he didnt end up keeping it too long though, selling the charger and the car separately.

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Some videos of the Accord coming soon.