I missed out on a Workshop Weekly last week unfortunately, so this will be a double Mick-blog and all focused on the Honda enthusiasts worst enemy, the Bavarian powerhouse that is BMW's 'M' division. We are grounded as Honda specialists but we do lots of work on different cars, full body repsprays are one of our specialities along with major projects, such as what you will see in this blog. German cars are fast becoming the the major enthusiast car of the moment, due to their dirty diesel effectiveness.

We kick off this swish BMW 5-Series. Full epaint in Audi Ibis White, which is loads of work on such a well built car of this size. These german tanks are so complex to work on, any jobs takes twice as long as something like a Honda. There are clips here, there and everywhere and it can really be a paint working with them. The workshop crew put some serious hours into this cars paint. We also got a helping hand from our friends over at Carstyle Vinyl Specialist (around the corner from us in Greenogue) who dropped by to carbon vinyl wrap the roof, grill and ‘M5’ side grills. Full wheel recon in Platinum Silver was alsoneeded along with carbon badges for the wheels. These are the BBS replica style wheels that we have available on request. 30mm Apex lowering springs drop the ride height, they are fantastic quality. Front and rear spacers beef up the car and some new black mesh on rear bumper finishes it off. Finally a full service to BMW specs keeps this tanks heart beating. It was also absolutely freezing when ta
king these pictures, with some snow dropping from the heavens. You can see some flakes on the roof in some pictures.

This weeks project of note is this. A full, bare shell rebuild of the iconic BMW E30 M3, in all ofits left hand drive goodness. This is a literal bare bones restoration, with the  rebuild starting from a media blasted shell and up. This will be one of the finest examples of the M3 to grace the shores of Eire without a doubt. To put some more pressure on the lads, this car needsto beready for our customer Diarmuid's wedding in 2 weeks time. There is still so much to do, but the lads are flat out on the car at the minute.  Fingers crossed they get it finished for the big day.

And back to our mainstay Hondas. This is our latest EM2 Civic sales car. Converted to 1.4 from the awkward 1.7 engine, this has been legally converted so that it can be insured and taxed as a 1.4. Much more economical and efficient to run on a daily basis. And its got my favourite spoiler out there, the Mugen Style upright spoiler. Definitely one of the coolest Honda spoilers available. Instock now for various cars!