Why you should choose the Icetronix bodyshop for your painting needs:
Our painting services are second to none. Our highly skilled painting staff have a wide range of experience and we can cater for resprays and repair work on all manner of vehicles, from full resprays on your everyday car to large high end vehicles such as Range Rovers, BMW X5's, Audi A5's etc. 
We also offer specialist services for larger customer projects, including engine bay flushing, wire tucking, wheel reconditioning and vinyl wrapping.
And we have the portfolio to prove it! Check out our projects section here to just see a small selection of of our work. 

Icetronix operates a fully equipped workshop and paintbooth on site at our shop. 
Our workshop is equipped with
-Full sized paint booth operating Nexa water based paint systems including paint mixing area. 
-Two bodywork preparation ramps in a dedicated cosmetic preparation area. This area is used for all disassembly work, masking and prep sanding before entering the spray booth. This area is also use for finishing and re-assembly work.
-Two 2.5 tonne 2-Post car ramps
-Drilling and lathe equipment
-Welding equipment 
-Tyre changing and balancing
-Dedicated engine building and assembly area
-Multiple jacks, airguns and mechanical equipment.
-LAUNCH diagnostics equipment.

Sample pricing:
Same colour exterior repaint- €1750-€2000
*same colour does not include inside the doors / under the bonnet / or in the boot
*pearlescent /flips cost more POA 

Change of colour repaint - 
2/3dr car (e.g a Honda Civic hatchback) - from €2000
4dr car (e.g BMW 5 series)- from €2200
*pearlescent /flips cost more POA 

Full Rieger Tuning kit, supplied, fitted and painted. De-chroming, custom exhaust system, touch up work.

Tara dropped her standard E220 up to us for a huge make over. Working on these big German cars is very time consuming. Everything takes so much longer than your typical Civic but the results speak for themselves! 

Gorgeous 2011 Audi A5 S-line fitted with a full Rieger RS5 kit supplied, painted and fitted by by us. IceTronix is a full Rieger Tuning dealer and all of the products on this car are available. 

Full respray in the rival Audi Ibis White, including door jams and boot jams etc. Full 22" Wheel refurb in satin black, de-chroming of grill etc in matt black vinyl. There is not many other SUV's with this kind of road presence! 

This CRX Del Sol was an original SIR in a dark green colour, it was completely stripped, engine bay and boot area repsrayed, completely resprayed exterior and while we where at that, a full K20 2.0 iVtec engine conversion

Full repaint on this Lotus Exige Cup Car, this is an FRP bodyshell so it had to be very gently worked on