BMW F10 Stage 2 Audio

We do several BMW audio upgrades to suit different budgets.

Guidelines prices:

STAGE 1 Upgrade - €649 FITTED

STAGE 2 Upgrade - €1249 FITTED

STAGE 2.5 Upgrade - €1795 FITTED

STAGE 3 Upgrade - €2450 FITTED

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BMW F10 SE Stage 2 audio upgrade

Audison Prima Front door component kit x pair

Audison Prima Front speaker adapter kit

Skinz sound proofing matting ( Back of front door cards )

Audison Direct connect amp harness

Audison Direct connect speaker harness

Audison 4 channel amplifier

1.3 days labour

This part amplified system is very clever. It focuses on getting you the most bang for buck from your money and is nearly half the price of the Full-amplified system. We install a 4 channel Audison amp in the boot using the special Audison No-Cut harness and from this amp we run the new Audison Prima front speakers and tweeters and also we run the 2 original BMW underseat subwoofers that are already under your front seats. The 4 channel amp and new speakers will bring the sound alive and the BMW underseat subwoofers will really love the extra power from the amp!

Our customer Darrin was delighted with the job we did and sent us the following email a couple of days after collecting his car:

"Hi Robbie & Crew

A quick mail to say thanks a million for the expert install you guys have done for me. You have really brought my system to life.

From first meeting at reception to the final demo your staff were courteous, informative and very pleasant, overall a joy to deal with. well done and keep up the good work.
All the best

STAGE 2 Upgrade

€1249 fitted and is a high performance Part-Amplified system:

1. Audison Prima Component speakers ( 100watts ) x 2 ( Front doors )

These excellent 4" Audison speakers are direct replacement for the original BMW front door speakers but also include a seperate crossover network and tweeters. These Audison speakers + tweeters use BMW connections and bolt pattern which means no cutting or modification of the BMW original wiring harness. These Component speakers will vastly improve sound quality, definition and sound stage over the BMW original speakers especially with the addition of tweeters but please remember that as they are the same physical size as the BMW speakers, they will not improve bass. These speakers are happy running of the BMW original headunit or can be amped in the future for extra output.

2. Skinz Expert sound deadening material 3mm ( Back of front door cards )

Developed to take noise and vibration control to another level when installing your Car Audio products. Inherent problems due to road noise and car panel vibration which can be caused by the mechanical movement and the displacement of air by speakers has a negative effect on the SPL and sound quality of the car audio system.

Skinz has a 3mm thickness and specially designed textured surface offers greater damping with increased sound wave diffusion than other products available, giving you the highest quality musical basis from any system.

4. Audison pro amp cable and special no cut harness

This is a special harness that allows us to add an amplifier and run the speakers and subs without having to modify the cars existing wiring harness. It allows allows the system be reversible which means we can remove the Audison system and return to original if you are selling the car in the future

This brilliant 4 channel amp from Audison will be mounted discreetly in the boot and will run the new front Audison Components and the BMW original subwoofers under the front seats. These original BMW subwoofers are actually decent quality but they are woefully under-powered by the BMW factory headunit. When you add the Audison amp to these subwoofers, it really brings the system alive and provides decent bass as well as Crystal clear mids and highs from the Audison components.

3. Audison 4 Channel SR series Amplifier ( 360watts )


• 1 year warranty on products but can be extended to 2 year ( parts ) with registration

• Install would take 1.5 full days

• Very neat installation

• Courtesy car available FOC while we work on your car

• Some BMW models might require an additional speaker adapter kit which will add € 40 onto the price of the job

Specialised Installation and Calibration by our staff 8.5 hours