Courtesy Cars

Courtesy cars available upon request. If you NEED a courtesy car while we are completing a job on your car, please let us know in advance to ensure car is available for you as there is a limited number of courtesy cars.


Please read conditions below for our courtesy cars:

IceTronix can provide at our discretion a courtesy car to a customer who is getting a large amount of work done on their car so that they still have transport. These cars are of low value but are very well maintained and are usually older civics or corolla's. There is no cost for the use of these cars from IceTronix except that it is the customers responsibility to ensure the following:

* IceTronix does not provide any insurance cover with these cars. It is The customers responsibly to provide insurance cover or check if they have insurance cover for themselves to drive our courtesy cars.

* It is the customers responsibility to take care of the courtesy car they are given. The customer is liable for any damage or loss of the car, their fault or otherwise, while the car is in their possession.

* Courtesy cars can only be driven by the customer who is given the car by IceTronix. Nobody else other than the customer whether they are insured or not can drive our courtesy cars.

* Customers who have our courtesy cars for more than 2 days are required to check that the oil and water levels are adequate for the engine while the car is in their possession.

* If you are not happy with the courtesy car you receive or you feel it has a defect, you must return it immediately to IceTronix for inspection. Do not continue to drive this car.