Car Audio

At IceTronix we have everything you need to tune your audio experience to the next level!

Our Car Audio Range includes:  

•Amplifiers •Power caps    •Subwoofers    •Subwoofer Packages    •Speakers

•Tweeters    •Wiring kits    •Installation Accessories    •Cabling

Please note: We no longer sell or fit CAR HEADUNITS / RADIOS / CD PLAYERS- We focus on improving speaker, subwoofer and amplifier upgrades.

Do you own a BMW or Audi? Check our our German Cars section with a more detailed breakdown of options available!


We have a huge amount of experience in the Car Audio field and we have completed hundreds of customer, show car and corporate builds since we opened in 2001!

We have a wide range of products, from basic audio and high end premium audio!

You can TRUST US when it comes to car audio, we will not steer your wrong when it comes to car audio

We are agents for the amazing Hertz and Audison brands.We are also dealers for  InPhase Audio, we also stock a range of budget audio components in store. We have some great prices for standalone purchases or car audio package deals. When you purchase your preferred car audio option you can either have it delivered to you the next day or you can visit our showroom facility in Rathcoole,Co. Dublin to have your system professionally fitted.

We do not have our car audio products on our website but we have a huge amount instock ( especially amps / subs and speakers ) so please call our shop on 01 4019911 to discuss or email us on

Project Builds

We can offer a full tear down and build for the audio fanatic looking for something a bit special. We have won numerous competitions over the years for our project builds, we can make a stand out eye catching install OR a completely hidden complete audio upgrade with the likes of under seat subwoofers, tweeters, sound deadening, audio sound stage tweaking and the whole works. Send us an email and we can lay out a plan for your build.

Corporate Builds

IceTronix have the experience and the products to create the audible compliment for any corporate advertising campaign.Not only can be style your vehicle, we can take it to the next step by offering amazing sound system installs to draw the crowds.We have worked with Monster Energy on system installs. For a full professional quotation call into our store or contact us via email. We can configure a package to suit any budget and provide advice and direction for your marketing strategies.

*** Please note we only fit Car Audio / Alarm products that are purchased from us ***

*** Please note we do not repair car audio equipment ***

*** Please note no longer sell or fit car radio / headunits /cd players anymore

*** Please note we do not sell or fit Car Aerials **

Born in Italy, this extremely popular global brand has come to stand for quality, reliability and value for money. It is rare to find a brand that hits all of these criteria with such aplomb but through hard work, innovation and an intimate knowledge of what makes a car sound good, Hertz has achieved this. Hertz was introduced into the UK in 2005 not with an unsustainable bang but in a way that has seen it grow steadily year on year. With many new revisions of products which bring greater innovation to the entry-level and mid-range budgets of car driving music lovers everywhere this now long-established brand is recommended by all who have experienced products from its comprehensive ranges of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers available. 

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Audison is a rare brand these days as it is totally innovation-led. Where competitor brands have simply become piecemeal, buying technologies off the shelf, Audison was founded and continues on a path of constant research and development. New technology requires extraordinary dedication and Audison has this in abundance and has along the way developed its own sophisticated computer modelling software to help it continue to try new ways to make speakers amplifiers and signal processors perform even better. A vast array of products is available all designed to make optimal use of the technologies around which they have been developed. Introduced by to the UK in 2007, Audison marches on whilst competitors fall by the wayside!

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We undertake a vast array of projects here, from retail customers to corporate customers. Please take a look at some of the projects we have worked on over the years with these in-depth project pages. While we have no problem just selling audio components, we feel to get the best results you really need experienced installers and technicians to get the right sound stage and audio quality you are striving to achieve. Thats why we offer a full fitting and set up service here at IceTronix. We have been in this business for over 10 years and not only are we passionate about our car audio, we are truly experienced.

Why not take a look through some of these projects so you can get a feel for what we can offer from an installation point of view for your project.

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BMW Audio Upgrades

Other Audio Upgrades


Are you interested in getting Aux in / USB or Bluetooth in your Honda while keeping the original Honda stereo?


( This is a module for the back of your Honda Stereo, It is not a new Stereo ) ( Does not work on Gathers stereo's ) 

€75 or €140 supplied and fitted

Honda Spec Aux Adapter. For Vehicles Without OEM Navigation / Premium Sound systems

Features & Benefits:

*Plug and play, no cutting of wires required

*Plugs into the original CD changer port on the rear of the car stereo therefore offering high quality audio

*Allows connection of any audio device with 3.5mm headphone or RCA socket


( This is a module for the back of your Honda Stereo, It is not a new Stereo ) ( Does not work on Gathers stereo's ) 

€119 or €175 supplied and fitted

The Premium SD / USB/ Aux In interface allows you to connect a USB flash drive, SD card or MP3 player to your Honda original stereo without any loss of sound quality. This is an ideal option if you do not have an iPod.

Fit most Honda cars / stereo’s from 2001 + including OEM Navigation and Premium Sound systems

Features & Benefits:

*Connect your MP3 player, USB flash drive or SD card with audio files 

*Set up folders as playlists or albums and select them through your car stereo and steering wheel controls

*Supports SD and large capacity SDHC cards

* Compatible with MP3 players / USB Drives /External disc drives

*Control the music via the radio or steering wheel buttons

*WMA and MP3 file support

*AUX In connection 

*Automatic pausing when switching to CD/TAPE/FM etc

*Will play when connected and pause when ignition/power is switched off

*Professional look as all wires are hidden and no cigarette lighter adapters required

*No batteries required


( This is a module for the back of your Honda Stereo, It is not a new Stereo ) ( Does not work on Gathers stereo's ) 

€169 or €230 supplied and fitted

The Premium Bluetooth / USB / Aux In Interface enables you to stream music from any smartphone, mobile device or tablet to your original factory fitted car radio/navigation system, while at the same time providing you with a Bluetooth handsfree solution for phone calls. One of the major benefits of the Premium Bluetooth interface is that it also incorporates AVRCP technology which also allows you to control your music via your radio or steering wheel controls. 

It is compatible with all popular mobile devices and Smartphones including Android, Windows mobile, Apple OS, Blackberry etc and is ready to use as soon as you enter your vehicle - no need to connect any cables to your device 

(except if charging is required ). 

Fit most Honda cars / stereo’s from 2001 + including OEM Navigation and Premium Sound systems. Works especially well with Honda’s with steering wheel controls.

Features & Benefits: 

*Connect any Smartphone including Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry and stream music wirelessly with to your original factory fitted car radio/navigation system.

*Control your music using your radio or steering wheel buttons i.e. Change track, fast forward, rewind, volume etc.

*Direct CD changer port connection involving no FM Modulation for high quality sound without interference.

*Plug and play installation - retains original equipment Honda Stereo with the interface hidden away from view.

*Provides a Bluetooth hands free phone solution (pauses music when calls are made and received and automatically resumes music when a call is ended)

*Answer/Reject calls though your Honda original car radio/navigation system via the FF (Fast forward) button.

*Supports music streaming via A2DP Bluetooth and control via AVRCP.

*USB charging port to keep your device charged when used with your devices USB charging lead.

*Automatic pause when switching to CD/TAPE/FM etc.

*3.5mm AUX input for connecting non Bluetooth devices.

*Works with apps such as Spotify, Google Play etc including control.

*Separate Microphone for Bluetooth  voice calls included