Gearbox casing changing-

This is typically done when a customer has damaged the gearbox casings after a crash or else due to some other serious internal damage.We do this job

regularly for customers.

Genuine Honda Sychro changes-

These are the parts which allows the gearbox to change from one gear to the next smoothly, if this part gets damaged from misuse or excessive mileage the gears start to grind when changing from one to the other. This is fixed by replacing the damaged part with a new genuine Honda part.

At Icetronix we offer a full Honda manual gearbox repair and upgrade system.

We can cater for 99% of Honda manual gearbox problems and upgrades. We offer some of the basic services as well as the more complex gear set conversions, final drives, differentials etc.

Some of the basic work -

Gearbox bearing changes -

Typically there are 5 main bearings in the gearbox. These normally make the gearbox noisy either when on or off throttle. In some extreme cases the bearing can collapse and cause major damage

K20 6th gear fitting-

A very popular job for those with earlier model Honda K20 cars with only 5 gears. This converts the car to a 6th gear which is better for fuel economy.

Also on some of the performance K20 engined cars such as the DC5 / EP3 and Accord Euro-r the original 6th gear can be a little bit short for motorway driving so we also offer a long 6th gear which helps alot.

We also keep the Honda MTF3 gearbox oil in stock all the time for €30 for 2.5 litres. This is the ONLY gearbox oil that should be used in manual Honda transmissions. We have tested numerous oils over the years and have had problems with everything other than the genuine Honda oil.

Final drive supply+fitting-

This is performed when a customer wants to change the final drive ratio of there gearbox to achieve either better acceleration or else better economy (e.g, a shorter final drive for drag racing, or a longer final drive for motorway economy driving)

We also perform more performance based jobs such as-