BMW F11 Stage 2.5 audio

STAGE 2.5 Upgrade

€1695 fitted and is an Audison Fully-Amplified system:

We do several BMW audio upgrades to suit different budgets.

Guidelines prices:

STAGE 1 Upgrade - €649 FITTED

STAGE 2 Upgrade - €1249 FITTED

STAGE 2.5 Upgrade - €1795 FITTED

STAGE 3 Upgrade - €2450 FITTED

STAGE 3+ Upgrade - comes with upgraded Forza amplifider. Please contact for price.

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STAGE 2.5 Upgrade

1. Audison Prima Component speakers ( 100watts ) x 2 ( Front doors )

These excellent 4" Audison speakers are direct replacement for the original BMW front door speakers but also include a seperate crossover network and tweeters. These Audison speakers + tweeters use BMW connections and bolt pattern which means no cutting or modification of the BMW original wiring harness. These Component speakers will vastly improve sound quality, definition and sound stage over the BMW original speakers especially with the addition of tweeters but please remember that as they are the same physical size as the BMW speakers, they will not improve bass. These speakers are happy running of the BMW original headunit or can be amped in the future for extra output.

2. Skinz Expert sound deadening material 3mm ( Back of front door cards )

Developed to take noise and vibration control to another level when installing your Car Audio products. Inherent problems due to road noise and car panel vibration which can be caused by the mechanical movement and the displacement of air by speakers has a negative effect on the SPL and sound quality of the car audio system.

Skinz has a 3mm thickness and specially designed textured surface offers greater damping with increased sound wave diffusion than other products available, giving you the highest quality musical basis from any system.

3. Audison Prima 8.9 BIT 8 Channel Amplifier ( 520 watts )

The AP8.9 bit amplifier was designed by Audison R&D Department to achieve maximum sound quality in OEM Integration applications. The powerful management software proves the ability to acquire the bit Drive presets which the Audison team fine-tuned specifically for your car. Thanks to the innovative power supply stage, a power of 520 W total can be achieved in an extremely compact case. The non-amplifiable ninth channel can be used to drive a subwoofer via the mono AP1 D amplifier. This fantastic powerful little amp will be used to run the whole system including the Audison front speakers. Also with all the additional wiring connectors that I am supplying the original BMW stereo will have really good control of the system amp.

4. Audison pro amp cable and special no cut harness

This is 3 special harnesses that allows us to add an amplifier and run the speakers and subs without having to modify the cars existing wiring harness. It allows allows the system be reversible which means we can remove the Audison system and return to original if you are selling the car in the future

• Audison Prima Front speaker adapter kit

• Audison Direct connect amp harness

• Audison Direct connect speaker harness

Specialised Installation and Calibration by our staff 8.5 hours


• To book in or to place order we require a € 350 deposit in advance payable by cash / card over the phone or paypal ( )

• Final amount to be paid upon collection. Cheques / Drafts not accepted

• 2 year warranty ( with registration ) on all Audison products

• Install would take 1.5 full days

• Very neat installation

• Courtesy car available FOC if required