Land Rover Defender Audio

New customers Pamela and Ray approached us with their gorgeous 2008 LandRover defender.

They had completed loads of upgrades to improve the handling , power and looks of their defender but the sound system installed by another company a couple of years ago was'nt working right and sounded poor. To improve the sound performance and clarity we went with a full new system including: Alpine CarPlay headunit InPhase Front tweeters InPhase front dash speakers InPhase 6x9's in Carpeted boxes in the boot InPhase active compact subwoofer InPhase / DB Audio wiring kit Audison speaker cable Pamela's and Ray's old audio system actually had some decent components to it including a high quality Hertz 4 channel compact amp and a decent reversing camera. We removed these and tested them and found they were working ok, so we re-used them in the system with new wiring. The Hertz 4 channel amp was used to run the Inphase Front speakers and rear 6x9's and the reversing camera was hooked up to the new Alpine CarPlay headunit. We also added an aerial booster to try and improve the radio reception that was so poor on the previous installation. The InPhase active compact sub was mounted onto the back of the large storage armrest between the front seats and works really well here giving good low-end bass to fill out the sound. This subwoofer also includes a wired remote control which we discretely mount on the steering cowlings and this remote allows you to turn on / off the subwoofer or to increase / decrease it's output while driving. The InPhase 6x9's were mounted into black carpeted boxes and mounted either side of the boot area up tight against the rear seats. The black carpet of the 6x9 boxes perfectly matches the original LandRover black carpet in the boot and these boxes add real punch and performance to the InPhase 6x9's, especially when run off an amp. We also modified the shelf / timber that was created in the boot to carry the puppy cage so that the shelf sits tightly in between the grooves of the boot walls. The system sounds bright, crystal clear and has loads of power and is finished to a really high standard. Enjoy the photos to see what we did!