Monster Energy Truck


•Inphase Compact Subwoofer

•JVC rear speakers

Under chassis:

•Silence SS2230 2000w amps

•SpeakerCraft outdoor speaker Pods

•Silence SS4130 amp

Our show winning experience with audio installs allowed us to tailor a system that would

suit Monsters needs and budget, whie giving the best performance.

Some of the work included:

Cargo area:

•Custom rear outdoor subwoofer box

•DB Audio 12" Trex 1500w subs x2

Icetronix where selected by the Monster Energy drinks company to outfit their Chevrolet Silverado promotional truck with a new sound system installation. We where delighted to receive this job as not only does the Monster brand hold a significant stand point in the Irish car scene at the moment, but also because it gave us a chance to get back to our car audio roots. Icetronix where heavily involved in the competetive car audio scene many

years ago, a scene which has unfortunately quitened down in recent years.