Toyota Camry Hertz

"System is fantastic, delighted with it"

- Paul.C October 2019

Another brand new car in for an audio upgrade! Modern cars really seem to be lacking in the audio department unless you spec a high end system from factory, which is sometimes not offered by Irish dealers.

This system will have very good range and sound stage as the front and rear speakers will have clear vocals with high end. The sound proofing / deadening will really improve the acoustic characteristics of the system. The Eton 8 active compact subwoofer will handle the bass without taking up much room. The subwoofer also comes with a wired remote control which allows the user to shut the subwoofer off or increase its performance separate to the volume of the speakers. This system took a full day to fit by our audio technicians.

Stage 1.5 Hertz Audio Upgrade 2019 Toyota Camry

• Hertz Uno 6”x9” component front door speakers

• Speaker brackets front + rear

• Skinz sound diffusers

• Skinz sound proofing front and rear doors

• Eton 8 compact subwoofer with built in amplifier

• Hertz Cento co-axial 165mm rear door speakers

• Hertz DT243 80w Tweeters (dash)