“Thanks a million, delighted with the installation and sound. Unbelievable difference from stock setup. And a top quality installation and professional service. “

Customer review-Keith

The system sounds fantastic and is crystal clear with loads of power. All of the key components are hidden underneath the passenger side front bench seat, so van looks totally original inside but sounds great!

2020 Ford Transit Custom Sport – Audio Upgrade

Keith brought us this awesome looking factory kitted Transit Custom Sport for a big audio upgrade that would link in with the standard Ford Sat Nav unit. All are components hidden away so this is very much a factory finish job.

Here is a breakdown of the job:

• Hertz Front door Components

• Hertz 2 channel amp

• ETON 10 Active subwoofers

• Audio Control LC2i Controller

• Skinz sound proofing in front doors

• Skinz sound wave diffuser in front doors

• 10 hrs labour