VW Polo GTI 2019

Our customer approached us with his 2019 VW Polo GTi for advice on a Car Audio upgrade.

Initially our customer did not plan on getting a subwoofer as part of the system, but we explained to him that the subwoofer was critical to the overall system performance as the speakers alone would not produce any significant bass. Our customer listened to us and we chose our super popular STAGE 1.5 Hertz / Eton system for his Polo.

For our STAGE 1.5 system, we installed the excellent Hertz Dieci Components for the front doors including Skinz sound wave diffusers.

For the rear doors we added the excellent Hertz Dieci Coaxials and Skinz sound wave diffusers.

Bass was taken care of by an ETON USB 6 active subwoofer mounted under the front seat. These subwoofers are compact and powerful for their size and fitted really neatly underneath the seat for a clean tidy installation.

Installation was completed in a little over 10 hrs by two of our staff combined and the system sounds crisp and powerful. Our customer was delighted with the job and sent us the following email a couple of days after collecting: "Very happy with the installation and the bass :-) "