VW Transporter 2021

2021 Vw Transporter 4 Motion Stage 1.5 Car Audio Upgrade
IceTronix customer Brendan brought his stunning 2021 Ravenna Blue VW Transporter 4Motion to us for a Car Audio upgrade. Brendan lives in Donegal and is a keen surfer and when he approached us we had to build the system around his needs, one of which was still being able to carry surfboards in the back of the van without damaging the Car audio equipment.

For our STAGE 1.5 system, we Chose the excellent Hertz Dieci Components for the front doors including Skinz front door insulation and Skinz sound wave diffuser.

For the rear we added the excellent Hertz Uno 4 way 6x9's in Carpeted boxes and positioned these up along the waistline of the van in the gap between the C pillar and Rear wheel arches, to protect them from surfboards.

Bass was taken care of by an ETON USB 8 active subwoofer mounted under the front seat. These subwoofers are compact and powerful for their size.

Installation was completed in a little over 1 day by two of our staff and the system sounds crisp and powerful and our customer Brendan was very happy with it when he collected it.

Huge thank you to Brendan for his business and bringing his stunning 4Motion Transporter van to us.