Skoda Audio

Professional musician Robbie came to us in his beautiful 2010 Skoda Superb Estate as he was'nt happy with the original sound system in the car. His car already had the original Skoda Touch screen SAT NAV upgrade but the speakers sounded hollow and thin. We advised him to get InPhase XT (High Series )Component speakers front and InPhase XT (High series) rear co-axial speakers AND an InPhase Active subwoofer under the passenger rear seat.

Job took approx 7 hours to complete with all speakers mounted into original positions behind Skoda door cards and grilles, so car looks untouched:)

Sound is now fantastic with a full range of high and low frequencies from the InPhase speakers and Active sub. A bit of further tweaking of the IPOD's EQ by car owner Robbie achieved in his own words: " Audio Heaven "

We were delighted to work with Robbie on this project and we wish him the best of Luck going forward with his lovely Skoda Superb Estate

Robbie's car already had the original Skoda Touch screen SAT NAV upgrade but the original speakers sounded hollow and thin and needed upgrading.

InPhase tweeters mounted into original positions in the doorcards.

We used Robbie's original speaker brackets in the door's which allowed us to fit the much bigger ( deeper) InPhase XT (High Series) speakers.

Some of the equipment we fitted in the Superb Estate. All original equipment that was removed was returned to owner as usual.

Inphase Active sub mounted and wired and passenger seat slid back into its normal position nearly fully hides sub from view

InPhase Active sub mounted securely under passenger seat. Sub also comes with a neat dash mount remote control which allows owner Robbie control the subwoofer ( or turn it off ) to suit individual songs or Albums